Ideas made by you, brought to life by me

If you're interested in a commission of any kind, you can contact me through my email at to discuss content and pricing. I do:
-character sheets
-character drawings ranging from headshots to full body and from just linework to full color with shading and background.
pet portraits (all pets accepted! Dog, cat, lizard, snake, spider, you name it!)
-posters (see poster section of website for general style and quality): posters-phone, tablet, and laptop backgrounds
-logos (I am familiar with Adobe Illustrate for the creation of custom vectorized logos that can be used for products
               of any  size or shape)

If there is something else you want that is not listed here, feel free to contact me with details. Chances are I'll be able to help!
If your commission is NSFW you are free to contact me about it, but I have the right to refuse any commission.

Pet Portraits